About Ataçelik

ATAÇELİK is an integrated construction company capable of performing all of the “Design Production-Erection” system in Turkey and “Production” system in other countries which required for realizing a steel project with its experienced staff.Performance of these processes in the same facility enhances the speed and quality of the construction and simplifies the work to be performed by users. ATAÇELİK is one of the leading companies in that a significant part of construction projects are made into products produced in a controlled environment
in its factory in Adapazarı.

Why Ataçelik

High Production Capacity

Ataçelik is one of the leading companies with 2000 Ton/Month production capacity.

Experienced Projecting Team

Ataçelik has the most experienced projecting team in the sector with its technical office consisting of expert engineers, architects and technicians in its structure.

Quality Management System

Ataçelik is operating with ISO 9001: 2011 Quality Management System ,and the system is being run with QPR Process Guide program.

Perfect Production

Ataçelik is capable of producing profiles in desired dimensions in CNC Submerged Arc Welding Line, and post-welding irregularities are avoided by line pre-heating application. All cutting and drilling processes on Columns, Beams and Purlins are carried out with “0” error or tolerance.

Unique Laboratory

All raw materials, consuming materials, products and semi-products undergo regular controls and tests by our competent quality personnel in our own laboratory by samples taken in each stage of production.

Constantly Specializing Staff

Realizes investment on the personnel with understanding of continuous development and change, by supplying all required training and materials.

Our Values

We build all our work and all the relationships we build on our core values. Our values are the bases that define us as institutional and draw the general framework of all our work. We work for each individual of the Ataçelik family to reflect these values into their assimilation and behavior.


No system that is not based on justice can be permanent. We give everyone what they deserve.


We do what we promised. Our main principle in our internal and external communication is honesty.


We see the differences in people as values and act for these differences . We respect different opinions. We trust our team.


We listen to our customers’ request to the finest details and we analyze and produce reasonable solutions. We do what we promised on time with fastest way. We strive to provide uninterrupted, fast and effective communication to our customers.


We use scientific methods in our works and we deliver our specialists in every field of work. We continue to improve ourselves both as institutional and individual.


We are always aware of our responsibilities towards our employees, the society and the environment we are in, and we act with this responsibility in our work.

OUR METHODIt is necessary to use the right method to reach the right result. We constantly improve our ways of doing business so that we can make customers' requests.


To do the right thing is to fully understand your requests.


Once we understand your requirements, we will determine the resources needed to do the job. We determine the time, costs, human resource requirements, the machines and equipment to be used in the work, the methods to be used and the risks that can be encountered for each job.


We prepare and offer you the proposal according to the extracted plan.


We will present our final offer after mutual negotiations.


We will receive a written notice from you that we will be able to start work and sign the employment contract.


We produce according to your requirements. Throughout the production process we use project management methodologies and constantly communicate with you.


We get confirmation that we have completed the job the way you want.